Jesus, depicted as the lord of magickal plants.

Although Christianity claims to possess the express route to God, and exclusivity to the heavenly realms, yet this can be found imbedded/hidden inside most every religious system on our infantile planet. If (and I say this only to be objective), there is validity to any or all of these ancient, and not so ancient, traditions, it must be found in the real meat of the concept and actuality of the existence of an "other world", and this meat must actually be able to produce access to that world. Regardless of what religion we may choose to study, the basic search is the same, a search for a spiritual existence which is best experienced, and understood, in the way it originally was meant to be understood. Through direct experience of those higher states of consciousness we aspire to, and communion with those entities, which we term as existing within the realm of that which many label as God.

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